Interview: Peter Reason

Peter Reason stops as his hand touches the table, the widening of eyes swiftly over-taking his face in boyish pleasure. Caught by the moment, he smoothes the hand across the peeling vanish, its fleshiness sensing out crumbs and sticky rings imprinted by the mugs of morning. It is a hand of certain architecture, constructed for […]

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Interview: Beatrice Hitchman

Beatrice Hitchman has had love on the mind of late. Perhaps it comes from nearing her fifth wedding anniversary, or perhaps it’s a consequence of writing about romance. “I was reading about Jane Austen the other day.” She tells me over the clamour of cutlery and music of the noisy Bristol cafe in which we’ve […]

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I enter the cafe ahead of Tanvir. The smell of food, like plunging into an ocean of scent. Chicken! Fish! Cheese! Tanvir lets me go and I crawl beneath the table. The wooden flooring smells of old forests, the phantoms of feet. But such scents are quiet after the scream of the city. I snuffle […]



Waiting in the local cafe where I’ve arranged to meet Jack Wolf, I’m struck, once again, with the disorientation that the decor here always has on me. Even by the window, the atmosphere is thick with the kind of darkness that can only arise from walls painted deep burgundy. An old woman stabs at her […]

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What Descartes did Next…

“When women win literary awards for fiction it’s usually for writing from a male perspective and/or about men. The more prestigious the award, the more likely the subject of the narrative will be male” – was the conclusion published this May by Nicola Griffith following her analysis of all major Western literary awards. Griffith suggested […]

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